Infra-red heater

The ‘Heatmaster’ unit features 4 x 500 watt infra-red bulbs, providing an instant warmth and glow. The Piazza umbrella has built-in conduits for channelling the cables.

As shown in the images, we fit an extended central hub on which to clamp the heater. You will need a 13 amp outdoor socket close to the foot of the mast. We will also supply a 5m cable - which reaches circa 2.5m from the base of the umbrella. Note, that if you source the heater independently you will find it is only supplied with a much shorter cable.

If ordering the heater at the same time as your umbrella, we will fit the extended hub and cable pre-delivery.

If ordering the heater separately, at a later date, costs may differ depending on location/delivery/installation requirements.


Luminare - LED lighting

Our LED lighting solution is made exclusively for Poggesi. Features include:

  • For use with models Piazza and Salento
  • Easy fitting via magnetic connection to central hub
  • Warm white LED
  • Built-in dimmer function
  • Re-chargeable via USB cable

Spec. sheet available here

Single light - £185
Two lights - £280

Junctions / rain

Two or more umbrellas can be connected with our rain gutters / junctions. A small flap is sewn to one edge of each canopy - so that the junction can be easily attached / detached.

The junction is lined with clear PVC to make rain flow easier. Piazza models can be slightly tilted to determine the direction of rain run-off.

£60 + £70 / per linear metre

Bespoke arm position

Rectangular umbrellas

Main arm to the short side - The standard and strongest position is to keep the arm on the long side. This typically enables the mast / base to be perfectly in line with the edge of canopy. Amending the umbrella so that the arm is on the short side requires two new ribs and two hours of workshop time.

Hybrid’ positions towards (but not in-line with) the corner are also achievable.


Base covers - Piazza

Composite Covers

Our base covers are made from a black composite material, with an appearance similar to decking.

The base is made in two parts which slide together. They sit directly onto the concrete blocks thereby adding useful extra weight. Available for delivery from stock. 

Bespoke Covers

Bespoke base covers made from Millboard and other materials to match your decking, can be supplied from our Poggesi Cornwall office. These can also be made to a double height with cushions, to create a seating area. 

Contact Richard Eisler - 07850660225 for more information.

Composite - £390
Bespoke - POA

Base cover

For surface bases with base covers.

* 70cm Square / ** 90cm Square



A detachable panel to block more sun from your chosen direction. Although the variable height of ‘Piazza’ can be lowered to circa 1.75m – when the sun is low, in late afternoon this side-panel will provide added shade,

Specification: 60cm height acrylic panel matched to your canopy colour; length up to 4m; ‘tunnels’ at top and bottom to house battens (supplied separately) which provide rigidity. connected to eyelets by ‘S’ hooks (included)

* When not ordered / delivered at the same time as umbrella P+P £13 and we may need you (with our assistance) to source battens locally.

£60 + £70 / per linear metre

acrylic bags

We are occasionally asked by clients for a storage bag to match their canopy colour.

These require almost 8 linear metres of acrylic fabric, a 3m heavy duty zip and of course they are made to order.


Additional winter
storage bags

Heavy duty PVC. Green or White.

* Just the bag with full length zip /  **With new telescopic pole

£90* / £130**

structure colour

Your choice of any RAL colour for the main mast, arms and ribs.

*  + 5% if ordered for delivery on our early season stock truck around January

+ 10%


To remove your canopy, take it for professional cleaning and re-water-proofing, to return to your site and re-install. Cleaning is by a professional sail-cleaner that has provided this service for us for almost 10 years. They do an excellent job!

*  if you are dis-satisfied with the results you will have option of a full credit towards the cost of a new canopy



Replacement canopies are 30% of the cost of a new umbrella. New umbrella prices are on a separate page.

The price will include us visiting you to fit the new canopy.


repair kit

From time to time a canopy can need a small patch... be it a spark from a fire-pit or a firework or nipped by visiting wildlife

On request, we will send our clients a matching fabric patch with a suitable piece of our favoured repair method (Tear-aid - type A)